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Your best bet for intelligent insight into the game of craps is right in front of your eyes. For years the crew of has been doing the one thing you need to do to become a better craps player, they've been playing a lot of craps. Now we're ready to put that knowledge to the test, by teaching you!

This site is for craps enthusiasts and those simply curious. We offer a host of instructional content, all geared towards making you a smarter player, and some solid advice for playing the game online. We also delve a little bit into the psychology of playing the game, and examine whether virtual craps can ever live up to it's reality-based original.

Craps is a game of skill, and if you didn't understand exactly what that meant before, you'll soon learn. In essence it means there are plenty of options for the player, and that you're not entirely at the mercy of the dice. One of the first things you're going to want to do is take a look at the craps table itself. Be forewarned though, a great number of potential players have turned tail and run at the first site of the playing surface; it's not pretty. It is, however, perfectly understandable, especially once you've learned that there are only a handful of intelligent bets on the table, and that the rest can, for the most part, be ignored.

To get started, ask yourself this: do I want to learn about playing craps online, or do I need to know how to play at a land-based casino? Basically, if you haven't played before, learning to play online is going to include some welcome relief. You don't have to deal with the fast speed of the game (it really is a bit too quick sometimes, especially for the novice), you don't have to deal with stuffy dealers (some truly don't respect a new player, strangely enough), you don't run the risk of embarrassment by making a mistake, and best of all, playing a free game of virtual craps wont break your bankroll!

We've also provided you with a great list of upcoming tournaments that you can enter online.

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Getting to know an online casino and the slots Canada you will be able to play there

If you have ever wondered where the best place to gamble is you could do far worse than an online casino. There is no better place to play slots Canada than an online casino. Playing slots Canada has become a popular pastime and most online casinos have picked up on this fact. There are some companies such as who offer up to three hundred and fifty different games with their software download. That is a lot of selection for even the most experienced gambler. This does beg the question of what a new gambler can do to learn the intricacies of all these machines.

Well, the easy answer is that most online casinos offer a free casino variation on the real money casino. This is the place where you can try out all the new games without having to spend one single penny. It works really well for learning all the different pay tables that these machines work on. In general you will find that every slot machine works in basically the same way: there will be a list of standard symbols, a bonus symbol that when matched up plays a bonus round, and a finally a wildcard symbol that can stand in for any symbol other than the bonus. Once you have these basic principles in mind there really is no slots Canada that you cannot learn to play.

Poker news and more

Many gambling portals of today offer news stories on poker, maybe the odd strategy article or two, but that tends to be about it. Most could not hope to pack in the features present at Canadian online gambling portal, and certainly not quite so stylishly.

News reports are a staple of the website's appeal, and are presented mainly in the form of stub articles which, although short, are nevertheless deeply engaging. Some are also given in video format. Being a product of the Canadian love for poker, there is an entire news section dedicated solely to the poker scene in Canada, with another to bring in poker news stories from around the world. Regularly updated, they form a great crux on which to build the rest of the site around, as there is so much more on offer.

Some of Canada's biggest names in online poker are recorded in the 'Poker Star' section, which visitors are free to browse at their leisure. Visitors are also free to explore the history of the game, along with strategy articles, hints and tips in their various sections. also provides links to the top 5 recommended poker rooms in Canada, such as Ultimatebet poker. For those who are growing tired of Texas Hold'em, there are sections where players can get to grips with the rules of other variants such as Omaha.

With a presentation as slick and impressive as the standard of writing, poker fans are sure not to be let down at this website.