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If you're looking for a great craps casino you've come to the right place. Nope, we're not a casino ourselves, we're just an information portal here at, but that doesn't mean we can't point you in the right direction for a great craps game.

There are a million and one options for the discriminating gambler, but with so much choice it can become hard to tell the good from the bad. Our advice? Look for an establishment that's been around for a number of years, preferably from before 2000. Try to find one that offers free versions of their games (most do) that operate at exactly the same odds as their real money versions (you may have to ask them flat out).

Our own research shows there to be a good number of online establishments that offer craps and meet these requirements. A good craps casino will offer more than just craps of course, but should have a particularly good table. Below we have selected a couple of classic online casinos that offer decent casino craps and meet each of our criteria.

Golden - The main software offered by Golden Palace includes both a free and real money version (yup, same odds) of craps. The casino itself has been operating since 1997 and holds a solid reputation in the industry. If you're interested in multi-player poker, Golden Palace recently unveiled their multi-player poker room. It's housed in a separate software download from craps, but we mention it here because it's rather well done, and worth checking out.