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Many gambling portals of today offer news stories on poker, maybe the odd strategy article or two, but that tends to be about it. Most could not hope to pack in the features present at Canadian online gambling portal, and certainly not quite so stylishly.

News reports are a staple of the website's appeal, and are presented mainly in the form of stub articles which, although short, are nevertheless deeply engaging. Some are also given in video format. Being a product of the Canadian love for poker, there is an entire news section dedicated solely to the poker scene in Canada, with another to bring in poker news stories from around the world. Regularly updated, they form a great crux on which to build the rest of the site around, as there is so much more on offer.

Some of Canada's biggest names in online poker are recorded in the 'Poker Star' section, which visitors are free to browse at their leisure. Visitors are also free to explore the history of the game, along with strategy articles, hints and tips in their various sections. also provides links to the top 5 recommended poker rooms in Canada, such as Ultimatebet poker. For those who are growing tired of Texas Hold'em, there are sections where players can get to grips with the rules of other variants such as Omaha.

With a presentation as slick and impressive as the standard of writing, poker fans are sure not to be let down at this website.