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Not a common occurrence, an opportunity to play some free craps is always worth taking up. There are two types of free craps you could try, each with their own benefits. The first being on a real table. If you are an advantage roller (set your rolls and try to go for consistent numbers) you already know how necessary it is to have a real craps table to practice on for free. The majority of the skill involved here comes from repetitive movement, and practice makes perfect.

The second opportunity to take advantage of some free craps comes from the Internet. Like on our own site, many online gambling portals will feature a free craps game to practice on. The majority of these offerings fail to provide a proper environment to improve your skills in, but there are a couple of notable exceptions.

Basically, for a free craps game to properly benefit the player, it must offer a proper RNG (Random Number Generator), a bankroll that you can keep tabs on, and the ability to make whichever bets you would for real money. has a free craps game that meets these criteria admirably, and is considered one of the best free games available to practice your strategy on.

If you're new to the game of craps, there is nothing smarter than taking your time learning, by practicing at first on some free craps software. We recommend you open up our free game while reading the instructions contained within our site. This combination should put you in a great position to improve your skills, making you that much more likely to walk away with more money when you play for real.