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Infallible craps system

Looking for an unbeatable craps system? One that can't lose? Experts across the globe, from chaos theory scientists to modern mathematicians, to statisticians and applied psychologists, they're all trying to work out a craps system that takes advantage of a weakness, any weakness. Those successful at beating the casino aren't usually craps players, it's a hard game to develop a system for.

What makes a craps system so hard to develop? That's a good question. At face value the craps table seems as likely a candidate as any game, seeing as how you can bet for or against almost anything happening, there seems plenty of opportunity to find a milkable combination of bets. It's this combination of bets that craps system developers usually search through. The concept of running one bet against another is called hedging, and you wont find a craps system that doesn't lean heavily on the hedge.

A classic hedge system involves the come-out roll, where a seven is your worst enemy. The any sevens bet is used to hedge the pass line, and try to ensure some winnings for the player. If you have a pass line bet down and throw an any-sevens bet you can't lose on the come out roll unless it comes up 11. Those are pretty good odds, what's the catch?

The catch isn't so bad. If you hit a seven on that come out roll you win, while losing your pass line bet. If you set a point, your pass line bet is ok, but the sevens bet loses. This means that if you win your pass line bet in the long run you will have effectively won a couple of dollars less (the value of your lost any sevens bet). The math catches up with us in the instance of us making a point (losing the any sevens bet) and losing that pass line bet in the end.

The any sevens hedge is not an infallible craps system, but if you like to tinker with systems and systematic approaches, start with this hedge, see how it treats you, then expand your hedging repertoire. Some you'll find absolutely dreadful bets, but others you may find work for you for a bit, if not in the long run. There are craps players out there who make their living from the game, not many, but some, and you can be sure these people are very well aware about how hedging their bets affects the outcome, on average.